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Opened Positions

Job Description
•    Organize and maintain personnel records.
•    Update internal databases (e.g. record attendance & Leave, maintain track of company asset)
•    Prepare HR documents, like employment contracts and new hire documentation.
•    Organize employee engagement programs.
•    Assist payroll department by providing relevant employee information (e.g. leaves of absence, sick days and work schedules)
•    Assist in sourcing candidates using job boards.
•    Arrange travel accommodations and process expense forms.
•    Managing Office Admin activities, corporate gifts, birthday gifts managing office outing as well.
•    Keeping track of invoice for vendor payments.
•    Computer literacy (MS Office in particular with excel, power point and Word)
•    Excellent organizational skills, with an ability to prioritize important projects.
•    Strong phone, email and in-person communication skills.
Job Description
•    2-3 years Hands on experience on machine breakdown Responsible for preventive maintenance activity. 
•    Help in proving field service and supporting product sales and marketing efforts for a designated region.
•    Travel onsite to visit customers for installation.
•    Perform operational training to the customer.
•    Lead to attend breakdown call for customers.
•    To maintain standard response time and down time.
•    Maintain detailed performance metrics.
•    Experience in Solar and Semiconductor will be added advantage.
Job Description
•    1-2 years direct sales experience with Engieering qualification.
•    Experience and relationships in the target markets (Solar PV manufacturing / Semiconductor ) 
•    Hunter focused, business development individual.
•    Technical ability to understand elctro-mechanical equipment and design & manufacturing solutions.
•    Ability to work independently, Self-motivating, hungry and driven to succeed
•    Results orientated, Ability to make decisions that will provide solutions orientated and risk free, profitable business solutions to the customer, company and shareholders.
•    Ability to work inside a multinational sales organization, as a strong team member.
•    Excellent written and spoken English.