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About us

About us

Incorporated in 2008, Aster e Technologies is India's leading provider of equipment, materials, solutions and services to the Solar Photovoltaic & Li Battery manufacturing industry. We support for CELL and MODULE production with high class technical expertise and proven technology.

Our drive for customer satisfaction does not end at the sale of the equipment, but our niche area is the after sales support provided years later as well.

The company aims to provide a gateway to Foreign manufacturers for various technology products as a trade partner for Indian Market. Our mission is to create and maintain a sustained competitive advantage in product marketing, after-sales-service and introducing new technologies in order to meet customer’s needs as a complete Solution provider.


It is our mission to enhance the competitiveness of our customers in the global market. “The success of our principals and Aster e Technologies depends on helping our customers acquire leading edge technologies to produce best quality and cost effective products needed to succeed in global markets.”


We wish to create an environment in which all Aster e Technologies business partners can work together to achieve mutual success.
Always happy to put our expertise and experience to solve your problems

Corporate culture:
  • To respect the abilities of every employee and inspire confidence to tackle new challenges.
  • To build a vibrant, enterprising company that is open to new ideas.
  • To encourage speed and efficient perform through teamwork
  • Excellent knowledge on process helps in recommending the right equipment & materials based on the application and market. Technology transfer and new technology development.
  • Consultation Services to new startup companies for:
    • Solar Cell manufacturing
    • Solar PV Panel manufacturing
    • Li Cell Manufacturing
    • Li Pack/Module Manufacturing
Customer Support:

Customer is our key to success, our goal is satisfied customer.