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Our Team

Dibakar is a Technophile by nature. Having worked in the semiconductor industry for well over a decade, he has been consistently looking forward to the next emerging market, which led him in the direction of Solar Photovoltaic and Li battery industry.

His innate ability and proficiency led to establishing and restructuring of business from ground up. Implementing operational strategies that ensure a successful business and having a Consumer First Approach has led him and in turn Aster e Technologies becoming one of the leading technical consultancy and business development company in the Indian market. Now having gained all the experience is now working towards achieving the same goals and results in the international market. Along with being a Technophile he is also passionate about reading books, playing guitar, singing and yes “Barcelona for life.”

Having worked in Aster e Technologies for well over a decade since its inception has been well versed in all the roles and attributes of the business from Marketing to Maintenance. And has been leading all the respective teams in the company since 2018. And has focused his efforts on ensuring smooth operational service and expanding the company's customer base. Apart from his professional life he’s an avid biker and enthusiast.

Having worked for 5 years in Aster e Technologies, Vishal excels in planning and coordinating all services and installations with his team to make sure all the machines are in top working condition and ensuring smooth operations. Outside of the company Vishal is an avid traveller.

Dutta is an excellent engineer with skills to troubleshoot issues with any machinery and is able to resolve any issues that arise with speed. He is very keen on acquiring new techniques and skills to ensure minimal or no downtime atall for all the clients. Other than his professional life he’s very passionate about sports and especially in cricket and football.

Alen, a vetran at Aster e technologies, is responsible for daily administration of financial, accounting and documentation. A keen communicator with the ability to relate to people across all hierarchical levels in the organization. Proficient at managing & leading teams for running successful process operations & experience of developing procedures, service standards for business excellence.

An experienced Maintenance Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Solar Industry. Nagakeerthi is able to do excellent troubleshooting issues both on and off site and able to resolve and provide support to the clients.

An excellent IT technician installing, maintaining and monitoring the computer systems and networks of Aster e Technologies has been making sure there’s no downtime with his keen problem solving skills over the years to make sure the operations have been running smoothly.

As a new member in Aster e Technologies is responsible for designs, builds and maintenance of the organization’s social media presence and optimal and high yielding digital marketing campaigns. Brainstorming new and creative growth strategies is one of the core components of his work. Outside his professional duties is a very passionate musician and a techie.

Having worked for 3 years in Aster e Technologies, Bishwajeet excels in answering queries, providing technical advice and introducing new products to government & private sectors. With his excellent communication and technical skill set he is able to identify and establish relationships with new businesses. Other than his professional life he's very passionate about travelling & reading books. .

Aslam is an excellent engineer with vast work experience troubleshooting technical issues with any machinery as such he's able to troubleshoot and resolve any and all issues with speed. He's always keen on acquiring new skill sets in order to keep machines running with minimal if not no downtime atall. He's an avid reader and as such spends most of his time with books.

Arun having extensive experience as an engineer has joined Aster e Technologies recently as a technical support staff. With his excellent communication and engineering skills he's able to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues to client's satisfaction. Additionally he also handles queries in sales for the clients. Apart from his professional life he loves cycling.